Graphite Audio is a Polish brand that was founded to support all those music lovers and audiophiles, who strive for the most natural, credible and involving sound of their precious audio components.

We have learned that that every sound system must be treated holistically as even the tiniest details play a critical role in sound reproduction and the final satisfaction of the listener. Being not satisfied with the solutions available on the market we had taken up a quest to find an alternative, naturally sounding, remedy for omnipresent vibrations. We have never been the enthusiasts of anti-vibration accessories made of metals, steel, ceramic or glass due to their tendencies to colour certain frequencies. It had taken us 2,5 years of tests of multitude different off the shelf or custom materials in numerous variations until we finally discovered that adding graphite to a unique polymer provides the most naturally sounding material for our accessories.



All Graphite Audio products are manufactured from a
sophisticated and revolutionary polymer with graphite and possess
unique anti-vibration and damping capabilities in order to meet and
exceed expectations of the most demanding audiophiles and music

Where to buy

If you do not find a distributor for your country, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Orac High End Sound, Israel, 10 Avraham Boyer Street, 6946955 Tel-Aviv
Simplicity Control, Singapore, 1 Coleman Street #03-12, 179803 The Adelphi Singapore
G Point Audio, Great Britain, 22 Springwood Road Heathfield,E. Sussex TN21 8JX
HiFi Link (Lyon), France, 275 Rue Simone Veil, Meximieux
Alpha Highend - Sound & Vision, Belgium, Antwerpen Brasschaat Brussels Turnhout
IBEX AUDIO GmbH, Germany and Austria, Alfredshöhe 29 Heidenheim
Soundrevolution Sàrl, Switzerland, Route de Vevey 39 1616 Attalens
Nautilus, Malborska 24, Kraków
Nautilus, Kolejowa 45/u4, Warszawa
Premium Sound, Aleja Niepodległości 645 B, Sopot
4HiFi Sp. z o.o, Wyczółkowskiego 10, Gliwice


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