ISSB-40 Isolation Speaker Spike Bases

ISSB-40 Isolation Speaker Spike Bases are manufactured from a sophisticated and revolutionary polymer with unique anti-vibration and damping capabilities.

ISSB-40 isolate speaker spikes from the supporting surface, protect speakers from external vibrations and suppress internal speaker resonances. ISSB-40 also serve as protection for the surface itself by removing the risk of spike scratches and marks. In addition to that, ISSB-40 can also be used to upgrade all kinds of audio racks and stands terminated with spikes.

ISSB-40 Isolation Speaker Spike Bases improve low frequencies control and unveil mid and high frequencies details, which had not been heard before without emphasizing any frequency range. Their ultimate aim, similarly to other Graphite Audio accessories, is to remove harshness as well as introduce naturalness and fidelity into the sonic performance of the entire system. The Isolation Speaker Spike Bases will allow you to rediscover your system and recordings again.


Base diameter40mm
Max load180 kg/4pcs


  • Due to its unique structure and composition, the material is prone to scratches, which does not impact sonic performance.