CIS-60 Cable Isolation Stands

CIS-60 Cable Isolation Stands are the true and absolute reference on the market. The stands are manufactured from our polymer with unique anti-vibration and damping capabilities.

CIS-60 derive from a big success of much smaller CIS-35 and are designed to support the heaviest and thickest cables on the market in high end systems, where not only does performance matter, but also design.

CIS-60 Cable Isolation Stands lift all kinds of audio cables from the surface and protect them from external vibrations maximizing their performance. They are designed to support such cables as speaker cables, power cords, analogue or digital interconnects with diameter up to 45mm. 

CIS-60 Cable Isolation Stands will reveal new textures and details in your recordings and will allow you to rediscover them yet one more time. CIS-60 improve stage imaging, reduce the noise floor and remove harshness from the signal to introduce naturalness and fidelity. They are an ultimate upgrade for all high end and ultra high end systems.


Base diameter60mm
Max cable diameter45mm


  • Due to its unique structure and composition, the material is prone to scratches, which does not impact sonic performance.