27 May 2022

Graphite Audio at Munich High End 2022

Apart from having a static display at the H4 R01 booth, our products were widely used in outstanding systems presented during the show.

  • IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones supported unbelivable Lampizator Horizon(44k€) in the magic system with AlsyVox Speakers, Taiko Audio Server, Jadis amplification.
  • IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones fought with omnipresent vibrations under a beautiful Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur Anton Preamplifier in the room owned by Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur, Digital Audio Systems and Way Cables
  • CIS-35 Cable Isolation stands and IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones were used by hORNS and Lucas Audio Lab in their room
  • CIS-35 Cable Isolation Stands supported Espirit Cables in AudioNec and Riviera room

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27 April 2022

Graphite Audio at Munich High End 2022

We would like to invite you to our stand at Munich High End 2022 on 19-22 May. You'll find us in stand H 4, R01. You will be able to look and feel our products to find out why they are so unique. We are waiting for you!

8 April 2022

Graphite Audio at Klangshloss 2022 in Zurich

We are extremely happy that you can visit our Swiss partner, Sound Revolution, at Klangshloss on 8-10 April and see Graphite Audio products which accompany AudioNec speakers, darTZell electronic and Espirit cables. Pure joy! Enjoy!

8 April 2022

Graphite Audio at High-End Show Stockholm 2022

Perfect Sense, our Swedish partner, presented Graphite Audio products at the High End Mässan on 2-3 April 2022. The system featured ISSB-40 Isolation Speaker Spike Bases, IC-35 and IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones as well as CIS-35 Cable Isolation Stands. Read the full report and look at the wonderful pictures!

Highend Mässan Stockholm 2022
29 December 2021

NEWS! Graphite Audio IC-35 Premium are now available!

Responding to the high demand from the market we are pleased to introduce IC-35 Premium!

The set contains 3pcs IC-35 Isolation Cones and 3pcs ISSB-40 Bases. The set will bring a new level of performance uplift to the highly praised standard IC-35 whilst protecting the surface from unnecessary scratches.

Ask your local dealer or contact us directly!

8 October 2021

IC-35 Isolation Cones review by

EN: Hifi Knights have just published a superb review of IC-35 Isolation Cones. Read it to find out how the cones can boost the performance of your system!

PL: Gorąco zapraszamy do zapoznania się z najnowszą recenzją stożków antywibracyjnych IC-35 opublikwaną na łamach Miłej lektury!

Read More
28 February 2021

ISSB-40 and CIS-35 reviewed by Soundrebels

EN: Soundrebels have just published the review of CIS-35 and ISSB-40. It's in Polish but English translation will be available in a while. Feel free to use Google translate to get the gist. Enjoy!

PL: Gorąco zapraszamy do zapoznania się z najnowszą recenzją podkładek pod kolce głośnikowe ISSB-40 oraz podkładek pod kable CIS-35 Cable Isolation Stands opublikwaną na łamach Miłej lektury!

29 January 2021

Graphite Audio at

Enjoy the unboxing of CIS-35 and ISSB-40 and stay tuned for a review!