IC-35 Isolation Cones – Product Discontinued

IC-35 Isolation Cones are manufactured from a sophisticated and revolutionary polymer with unique anti-vibration and damping capabilities.

IC-35 both absorb and suppress mechanical energy and resonances accumulated inside the equipment chassis and isolate them from external vibrations and supporting surfaces. They are designed to support all kinds of audio components, such as amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, CD/SACD players, DACs, Music Servers, power supplies, power distributors, etc.

IC-35 Isolation Cones will introduce naturalness and fidelity into the sonic performance of the entire system. The soundstage expands and background blackens, timing improves, and all frequencies are kept under control. The Isolation Cones will allow you to rediscover your system and recordings again. They are an ultimate upgrade for all those, who seek for long and involving listening sessions.


Base diameter35mm
Max load50kgs/3pcs


  • Due to its unique structure and composition, the material is prone to scratches, which does not impact sonic performance.
  • Under heavy loads the tip of the cone may get slightly reshaped, which does not impact sonic performance of IC-35