IC-35 Isolation Cones review by

"It didn’t matter whether it was a source component or an amplifier, whether it featured tubes or transistors, the Graphite Audio IC-35 did their „magic” every time."

"With LampizatOr, although I have never had any objections to this aspect of its performance, this better internal organization of the presentation also concerned space, both the acoustics of recordings and drawing individual large, tangible phantom images using a slightly sharper line, so to speak. The IC-35 used simultaneously under the Allnic Audio and Pacific had additional benefit of the loudspeakers disappearing from the room in an even more convincing way."

Marek Dyba,

IC-35 Isolation Cones review by Soundrebels

"Graphite Audio IC-35 will be the source of you re-discovering your music library. You will be able to get deeper into the recording and thus re-live it better."

 "After placing the tested Graphite Audio IC-35 set under my Bryston 4B³ I could not find any, and I underline, any argument to remove them from there, besides testing in other places in my system. Not even mentioning returning them back to the manufacturer. This is why they are staying there with me."


Customer testimonial

Let me share a testimonial shaver via email from one of our customers, Robert.


Regarding: Graphite Audio cones, isolation bases and cable stands (loaned from GPoint Audio here in the UK).

All three of these products have brought a tangible and substantial improvement to my listening experience. There have been large gains in bass control, soundstage dimensions, timing and spaciousness. The leading edge of notes are better defined and the decay of the traiing edge is noticeably longer. The sense of realism, of being "in the room" with the musician has always been my personal goal, and these products have brought me much closer to this. I will certainly be keeping them as a permanent addition to my system.

It has been noticeable to me that all three products take a little time to settle in once placed into the system and I achieved peak performance actually after a few days in situ. It has been fascinating to experience this step increase in performanve each day as I have sat down to revisit my reference recordings.

Thank you for these truly outstanding products.

Robert S, Worcestershire, UK.

System: LDMS Reference Music Server (Roon, HQPlayerP > SOtM SMS-200 Ultra NAA > Lampizator Golden Gate DAC > KR Audio VA340i Amplifier > hORNS FP15 speakers.Stands from Rogoz Audio BBS. Cables from Skogrand, FTA and Gekko. Room conditioning and fuses by Synergistic Research. PS Audio power conditioning."

Robert S.

ISSB-40 and CIS-35 Review by Soundrebels

"Although their (CIS-35) character was completely in line with that, what the ISSB-40 showed, the change in intensity of the influence, as a result of the point of application, was truly surprising. The improvement of resolution and micro-dynamics, especially in the midrange-treble crossing"

"Graphite Audio ISSB-40 are energizing treble and midrange in a truly brilliant way, while at the same time taming the bass. But mark my words well – keeping bass in discipline, and not thinning it"

"Despite how populistic it may sound, the tested items are splendid in their action. Their sound offering bases on phenomenally pulled together sound, without losing any of its density in the midrange."

"I think of a situation, where we sit down to listen to music and have the impression, that the sound in the listening room is clearer than usual, mimicking the moment after snowfall, which removes the ever present smog."


IC-35 Isolation Cones review by Soundrebels (Polish)

"Po aplikacji tytułowego zestawu Graphite Audio IC-35 pod swoim Brystonem 4B³ nie znalazłem żadnego, podkreślam żadnego, argumentu, oczywiście poza koniecznością przetestowania ich z innymi elementami mojego systemu, aby je stamtąd wysmyknąć, o odesłaniu do producenta nawet nie wspominając. Dlatego też, krótko mówiąc zostają."

IC-35 będzie wodą na młyn na ponowne odkrywanie posiadanych kolekcji płytowych. Będziecie mogli znacznie bardziej wejść w nagranie, a przez to głębiej je przeżywać.


ISSB-40 and CIS-35 review by Soundrebels (Polish)

"(…) ISSB-40 i CIS-35 Graphite Audio robią kawał dobrej roboty i czy
to razem, czy osobno potrafią nie tyle wnieść, co uwolnić wiele
dobrego z drzemiącego w naszym systemie potencjału. Nie majstrują przy
tym przy barwie, nie wysuszają i nie odchudzają przekazu, lecz również
nie rozdmuchują źródeł pozornych i co najważniejsze nie mulą. Mówiąc
zatem wprost one nie „robią dźwięku" na nowo."

"(…)Ich oferta brzmieniowa opiera się na fenomenalnie zebranym w
sobie dźwięku, przy braku strat w jego gęstości w środku pasma. Co
oznacza fraza „dźwięk zebrany w sobie"? Po pierwsze poprawia się
ostrość kreski rysującej źródła pozorne, co wprost proporcjonalnie
przekłada się na konturowość najniższych rejestrów, a po drugie w tym
samym pakiecie wysokie rejestry nagle wybuchają pełną witalności,
jednak bez oznak ostrości, aurą zjawiskowej informacyjności. (…)
Środek nadal pozostaje soczysty i rozdzielczy, a jedyne co ulega
wyraźnej zmianie, to jakby zamieniona w dodatkową energię źródeł
pozornych ich wcześniej lekko nieprecyzyjna aura."


IC-35 praised by our customer on Instagram.

"(…) and right away I was impressed on how the high/mid
frequencies changed. As we know recording quality cannot be neglected
whatsoever, but in my case female/male vocals were more vivid/closer
to the listener along with mid-range details, which I was not aware
they existed"