Mono and Stereo awards IC-35 Premium with 2023 Best Buy Product accolade!

Matej Isak, the founder of Mono and Stereo thoroughly tested Graphite Audio IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones and awarded us with Best Buy Product Accolade!

"What the Graphite Audio IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones achieved was beyond expectations. They introduced a newfound sense of reality, creating a Caravaggesque canvas density, portrayed in a much more captivating manner than when compared with their absence."

"The IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones uniquely encapsulate and tame unruly oscillations that threaten to distort the purity of the sound. As a result, the sound becomes clearer and more refined, breathing life into the music, captivating the listener's emotions, and leaving an indelible impression."

"Graphite Audio's IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones lend soundness to the foundation upon which audio equipment rests and surprisingly bring wholeness and an ingrained order to the nature of the music."

"Considering all these factors, I am delighted to award Graphite Audio IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones with the Mono & Stereo 2023 Best Buy Product accolade."