HighFidelity.pl reviews IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones

"WHAT SYSTEM would the IC-35 Premium cones fit? Well, any system – but a good one. They give warmth, a velvety character, they also give high energy. The sound is saturated with emotion and "stormy" with them, if I may say so; stormy in the sense that there is a lot going on in front of us, in the window between the speakers, sounds are swirling around, creating a large, "electrically" charged musical message.

However, the cones have their own "agenda". They warm rather than brighten up sound, accentuate the low midrange more than its higher part. They let low bass resound, though without clear definition at its very bottom. They show the high treble with energy, but also with a velvety attack. They are consistent and internally coherent in all this. It's a well-thought-out type of musical message, selected on the basis of listening sessions, which gives records mass, weight and, ultimately, sense."